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Eastside Carpet Cleaning specializes in professional and specified floor cleaning in Manassas, VA. We use a cleaning process that will leave your tile and hardwood floors shining and clean. Our technicians offer expert knowledge in hardwood floor cleaning. We offer you the best possible service in order to give your floor the cleaning it needs.

Today, many people are choosing hardwood flooring or tile for their homes and commercial properties. Often the idea is that hard flooring will be simple and easy to clean. Hardwood floors are definitely beautiful and stylish, but just regular sweeping and polishing only removes surface dirt.

The rock and sand from many people’s yards are easily tracked into your home on shoes and dirty feet. These can cause much damage to your floor, especially pine or oak flooring, which can become drab and ugly after only one spring and summer season. Just like with carpet, when not cared for properly this kind of floor has a tendency to accumulate all kinds of dust and germs. It also needs regular professional deep cleaning to remove buildup.

We have some of the best wood floor and hard floor cleaning service in the business. Our professional technicians, well tested cleaning methods, and use of top equipment ensure your floors will be clean and restored to a pristine condition. With over 20 years experience in floor and carpet cleaning, we know that our customers will be happy with their results. Call us today to create your custom hard floor cleaning plan.