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Carpets are a wonderful addition to any room in the house, but can become a difficult issue when they get dirty and grimy. The dust and dirt that accumulate from people, pets, and everyday life and traffic throughout your home can ruin the appearance of your carpet. Bacteria and other allergens can also get caught up in the fibers and fabric, presenting potential health concerns for you and your family.

Eastside Carpet Cleaning can help you tackle all the dirt, dust, and allergens that can get inside your carpet leaving it clean and lovely once again. We offer our clients in Manassas, VA both residential and commercial carpet and floor cleaning services. Our expertise extends to all floors, including hardwood.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, everyone should clean their carpets on a regular basis, but just vacuuming daily or weekly is not enough to keep them clean. This only tackles the surface level dirt that you can see, but deep cleaning by carpet care professionals will help attack the germs and dust below the surface.

Our service will make sure you have fresh clean carpets to walk on. We use top cleaning products to ensure that you have the cleanest carpet and floor surface possible. Our cleaning methods are quick and safe for your children and pet friendly.

Every one of our technicians is also expertly trained and knowledgeable about how to remove tough stains and odors from your carpet. They will work with you to find out your exact needs and specifically tailor your carpet or floor cleaning plan. Set up an appointment today to try out our reliable and affordable carpet cleaning services.