Technicians at Eastside Carpet Cleaning are reputable, reliable, and responsive to client needs.

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With over 20 years of experience in carpet cleaning in Manassas, VA, Eastside Carpet Cleaning is best placed to offer you the...
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We all know that everyday life can leave you with a mess to clean up on all your furniture, whether it is the couch, chairs...

Eastside Carpet Cleaning uses top-of-the-line techniques and equipment to get your carpet clean.

Welcome to Eastside Carpet Cleaning

Eastside Carpet Cleaning provides residential and commercial carpet cleaning to residents in the Manassas, VA area. Our well trained and professional technicians are on hand to provide you the best skilled carpet cleaning in the industry. We pride ourselves on being professional at all times and exceeding your expectations with our carpet and floor cleaning services.

We offer our clients competitive and affordable prices to meet their cleaning needs. We are always honest and open about what needs to be done in order to get your carpet cleaned the way you want it. Our goal is to provide you valuable service that exceeds the cost.

Our service is completed using safe and environmentally sound products and cleaning equipment that provide steam cleaning and dirt extraction. What we use will be the best in the industry making it safe and reliable for you and your household while still tackling tough stains and odors in your carpet.

Our technicians are always on time for your appointments and will do their best to accommodate your busy life and schedule. A positive customer experience is always a number one priority for our company. Our staff is professional and prepared to properly treat your home and space with respect and care.

Eastside Carpet Cleaning is a company that you can trust. We always make relationships a priority, because we believe that every long-lasting partnership is the key to good business and community building. We want to provide our communities with clean and safe places for people to rest and relax in, so it is vital that we are building trust and making it the core of our customer service. Call us today to schedule your first expert carpet and floor cleaning experience.